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Professional Development for Educators

As an educator, you know the importance in continuing your education to stay up-to-date and increase student learning. We provide the opportunity to expand or enhance your knowledge through a variety of professional development courses and workshops while earning CEUs or academic credit.


Browse our general education course catalog to review the full list of continuing education offerings covering subjects such as:

  • Mathematics
  • Earth Science
  • Computer Programming
  • NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards)
  • Science and Lego Robotics
  • Robotics and Integrated Math and more

Complete course catalog


Working in partnership with Merced County Office of Education, we offer the opportunity to earn CEUs while expanding your horizons. We also work with other districts to offer continuing education opportunities. 

For questions regarding the following offerings, contact: Rosanna Ayers | Science and STEM Coordinator | MCOE | 209-381-5971

Fall Workshops


  • Engineering is Elementary (EIE): Maglev 
    January 25, 2019

Spring Workshops

  • Engineering is Elementary (EIE): Knee Braces 
    March 29, 2019

  • Engineering is Elementary (EIE): Submersibles 
    May 10, 2019


Ongoing Workshops (In-person, Hybrid, Online versions) - The Energy Coalition: Energy is Everything

District Professional Development

Extension's Education Programs will provide district professional development for P-12 educators in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) to facilitate their transition to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and their integration with the California Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Mathematics, English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Science, Science, and Technical Subjects. These opportunities for professional development may result in CEUs or academic credit, depending on the district and course content. 

If your district is interested in professional development, please contact Lynn Reimer, Director of Education Programs at | 209-228-UNEX (8639).

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Professional development programs wishing to offer participants CEUs, may partner with UC Merced Extension to do so.

One (1) semester CEU is equivalent to 10 hours. A $40 fee per unit covers administrative costs.

Academic Credit and Transcripts

Professional development programs wishing to offer academic credit can propose a course to UC Merced Extension.

One (1) semester academic credit is equivalent to 15 hours (classroom lecture), 45-hour academic course formats (workshops, reading, research, lesson design, classroom implementation, etc.) or any combination, all of which are embedded with performance assessments. Academic professional development courses in the discipline of education are $150 per unit, or $450 for a 3 unit. 

You can order a copy of your transcripts online. Transcripts are $12 each.

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