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UC Sierra - Course Itineraries, Information and more


Note: Yosemite and Fire (August 5, 2016) has been postponed due to extreme heat.


Coming soon in Fall 2016!

For more information, please contact Extension


1. Yosemite and Fire Educational Excursion

Yosemite National Park is widely considered to be one of the leading agencies in the world in progressive and scientific fire management. 

Participants in this educational excursion will learn how Yosemite National Park manages fire emergencies in their various forms. Why does the park employ certain strategies? What tactics animate those strategies? 
The “Ten Standard Firefighting Orders” and the “18 Fire Situations That Shout Watch Out!” will be used to bring fire management theory to life and integrate its many components into a logical system of science - based thinking.
The course will be led by former Yosemite Chief Ranger Steve Shackelton and National Park Service Scientist Emeritus Jan van Wagtendonk - and will include guest talks by members of Yosemite’s fire and aviation leadership staff.


*Full daytrip to Yosemite National Park from Merced
*Relax on a scenic drive from Merced
*Visit multiple sites including El Capitan, Crane Flat Helicopter Base, Tuolumne Grove and Rim of the World in Stanislaus National Forest

2. Yosemite and Water, UC Merced Extension

How does Yosemite National Park manage water as a precious resource that serves the entire state?

What strategies and tactics does the park employ to protect its watersheds? How did this approach evolve from a story of environmental policy disaster into a stewardship model that serves as an exemplary standard for global conservation today? 

The course will be presented by UC Sierra’s Steve Shackelton – a former Chief Ranger of Yosemite and the National Park Service and UC Merced’s Armando Quintero, former National Park Service ranger and current Executive Director of the Sierra Nevada Research Institute, Chair of the Marin County Water Board, and Member of the Governor’s California State Water Commission.


*Full daytrip to Yosemite National Park from Merced
*Relax on a scenic drive from Merced
*Visit multiple sites including Chapel Bridge, Sentinel Bridge, Rattle Snake Creek, Crane Flat, Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, and Moccasin Power Plant 

UC Sierra Course Instructors

Instructs: Yosemite and Water, Yosemite and Fire courses.
Read more about Steve Shackelton here.


Instructs: Yosemite and Fire course.
Read more about Dr. van Wagtendonk here.


Instructs: Yosemite and Water course.
Read more about Armando Quintero here.


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