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Teacher Preparation Program

Teacher Preparation Program

Applications for Fall 2018 close June 30, 2018. 

The University of California, Merced Extension teaching credential programs prepare culturally responsive educators for the 21st century. Candidates are trained to effectively support learning and flourishing for every student, including English language learners and children with disabilities. Program courses integrate research-based content and methods with technology to advance digital literacy. Candidates are mentored by veteran educators who challenge, nurture, and inspire.

In addition to developing instructional expertise and knowledge of the California Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, our candidates are able to:

  • Use theory to collaboratively guide teaching practice
  • Personalize instruction for diverse learners
  • Develop lesson plans and effective cross-disciplinary content, supporting student potential and empowerment
  • Practice restorative justice and authentic care
  • Nurture and educate English language learners through an inclusive class environment
  • Develop critical and creative problem-solving for students across all subjects
  • Communicate effectively across diverse audiences, including colleagues, families, and community

Pending WSCUC and CTC approval.