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Education Programs


UC Merced Extension collaborates with P-12 educators and UC Merced faculty to engage the Central Valley community in scholarship and creativity while fostering a culture of inquiry and discovery learning. We create face-to-face and hybrid courses for pre-service and in-service teachers.

Extension Education Programs Learning Outcomes

UC Merced Extension Education Programs' mission and vision are embedded in our Learning Outcomes:

  • Cultural Responsivity and Values (CRV): demonstrate awareness, sensitivity, and responsiveness to diversity in every domain of learning, understanding values as an opportunity for respectful exchange, collaboration, and shared commitment to the greater good.
  • Content Knowledge (CK): master state standards in the arts, humanities, language, literature, mathematics, physical science, natural science, and applied science along with the capacity to monitor and guide personal learning.
  • Communication and Information Literacy (CIL): effectively convey information, engage in respectful dialogue, and share ideas through oral and written discourse, cultivating inquiry inclusive of self, other, and community.
  • Professional Development (PD): deploy problem-solving skills capable of transforming classrooms, promoting justice, fostering collaborative leadership, and addressing community concerns with mature civic identity.