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Instructor and Staff Handbook



How to Use This Guide

As a UC Merced Extension instructor, you’ll find information and resources on academic policies and procedures related to your teaching assignment. Please refer to the Table of Contents to find specific topics. For help with issues not addressed in this handbook, please contact your Program Coordinator (contact info can be found here:

About UC Merced Extension

UC Merced Extension, is the continuing education department of the University of California, Merced. Education is the first academic discipline being developed in University Extension. We are creating face-to-face and blended courses for pre-service and in-service teachers. We are collaborating with P-12 educators and UC Merced faculty to engage the Central Valley community in scholarship and creativity while fostering a culture of inquiry and discovery learning. The UC Merced campus is known for faculty who are at the forefront of academic research, and Extension instructors are leading practitioners in their respective disciplines.

Mission and Vision


The University of California, Merced Extension exists to develop culturally responsive educators that equitably facilitate cross-disciplinary, integrative learning to catalyze student potential and empowerment.


The University of California, Merced Extension aspires to be a recognized model for culturally responsive teacher preparation given to student empowerment. The program is aligned with the vision of the University of California, Merced—upholding 21st-century priorities for interdisciplinary learning and public service. To achieve this aspiration,

  1. Aims to establish culturally respectful communication regarding questions, ideas, and solutions in the context of program courses and clinical placements.
  2. Aims to nurture collaboration between teacher candidates and students to achieve learning goals, maximizing collective talent and expertise.
  3. Aims to develop skills for critical and creative problem-solving among teacher candidates and students, applicable to all content domains.